Crataegus- May, Hawthorn

Deciduous trees and shrubs, suitable for medium-sized gardens and parks. As hawthorn may form an important link in the spread of fireblight , they are from time to time subjected to a veritable witch hunt.


Fine specimen trees, particularly attractive when in flower. The common hawthorn is frequently used for hedge making. Specimen trees like a sunny situation, but they may also be grown under trees, where they naturally flower less profusely.


The common hawthorn is not very fussy, but the more unusual garden varieties require reasonably good soil. Some lime is appreciated.


Common species from seed, which germinates extremely slowly. Garden forms are propagated by grafting.

Crataegus laevigata syn Crataegus oxyacantha: Hawthorn with two or more styles: height 2-5 m; white or pink flowers in late spring and eariy summer.

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