Crocus: Growing Guide

The well known garden crocus is not a bulbous plant, but develops a corm. If cut in half, it is solid and, unlike the tulip, does not consist of scales.


Crocuses can brighten the garden in the autumn as well as in spring. Botanical species are more graceful than the so-called garden hybrids.


Any soil which is not too damp in summer.


From offsets.

Spring-flowering species

Crocus biflorus: Height 10 cm; white flowers veined with purple outside in late winter and early spring. Yellow throat with orange anthers and red stigmata. The leaves do not exceed 2-3 mm in width.

Crocus chrysanthus: Height 10 cm; flowers in early spring. Many garden forms, eg ‘Blue Bird’, pure white inside, blue-grey outside; ‘Cream Beauty’, creamy white; ‘Ladykiller’, outer petals deep purple, edged with white, white and glossy inside.

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