Plants of bushy habit, native to SW. Africa, they flower throughout the summer and often in winter. The leaves are short and swollen, triangular with a hook at the tip. They are light grey in colour, with very fine warts, or none at all. The small flowers have very short stems, and are whitish-yellow or red. All are easily grown and flower freely. They require a rich porous soil.

Delosperma echinatum. A free-flowering plant, with thick oval hemispherical leaves, pale green, and covered with papillae which are often tipped with a bristle. The flowers are solitary, whitish or yellowish. This is perhaps the best-known species.

Delosperma robustum. The greyish-green leaves are awl-shaped, blunt, with the inner side swollen at the base, and the back rounded and triangular at the tip. The flowers are lilac.

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