Deutzia is indigenous in Asia and comprises about 50 profusely flowering species, and numerous cultivars and hybrids. Because of the great diversity of shapes and growth, it is excellent in combination with other shrubs. This is an evergreen, low-growing or tall shrub with erect or elegantly arching, hollow, brown stems, which later start to peel, and whorls of short-stemmed, oval or lanceolate, serrated leaves. It has compact, spherical or long clusters of numerous white, pale or dark pink flowers. D. crenata ‘Nikko’ is a compact, dwarf shrub which flowers profusely in May-June. It is 75-100 cm tall, and has narrow, pointed leaves, 3-6 cm long, and small, white flowers; suitable for rockeries and windowboxes.

D. gracilis is a dwarf shrub, 75-100 cm tall, which flowers in May-June, and has elliptical, hairy, bright green leaves, and racemes of white flowers. D. x hybrida ‘Mont Rose’ is an erect shrub up to 1.5 m tall, which flowers in June. It has whorls of oval, pointed, slightly serrated leaves, and large, attractive clusters of whitish-pink flowers with striking yellow stamens.

D. x kalmiiflora is an elegant shrub, 1-2 m tall, which flowers in May-June. It has arching stems, crimson flowers white on the inside, and beautiful autumn foliage. D. x rosea (syn. D. gracilis ‘Rosea’) is a dwarf shrub, 75-100 cm tall, with erect stems, entirely covered in June/July with bell-shaped, pinkish-white flowers; ‘Campanulata’ has pure white flowers with a purple calyx.

D. scabra (syn. D. crenata) is an erect shrub, 2-3 m tall, which flowers in June-July and has oval, oblong, serrated leaves, 3-8 cm long, and narrow, erect racemes of white flowers tinged with pink; ‘Plena’ has double white flowers with pink stripes on the outside.

This plant requires a sunny to slightly shady spot, in nutritious, heavy, slightly moist soil. Prune back flowering stems after flowering (to promote flowering the following year). Propagate from summer cuttings (low-growing varieties), and winter cuttings (taller varieties).

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