Deutzia- Japanese Snow-flower

Magnificent deciduous garden shrubs, a little sensitive to frost when grown in dry soil, but nevertheless very effective.


The shrubs do not grow very large and their shape can be kept compact by correct pruning; they are therefore very suitable for small gardens. For profuse flowering, full sun or very light shade is essential. The branches are cut right back immediately after flowering.


Will grow in any reasonable garden soil, but they will flower more profusely in heavy, rich soil.


From cuttings in summer or winter.

Deutzia gracilis: Height to 1 m; white flowers in elongated plumes in late spring and early summer. Spear-shaped leaves, 3-7 cm long, covered in very fine hairs. Deutzia X hybrida: A group of hybrids growing to 1.5 m; flowering season early summer. The flowers are usually lilac coloured with a paler margin. ‘Contrast’ has arching branches; ‘Mont Rose’ has an erect growing habit. In ‘Perle Rose’ the flowers are somewhat smaller, but extremely profuse. Other hybrids are:

Deutzia X kalmiiflora: May reach a height of 2 m; the flowers are white inside, rose pink outside and appear in early summer in scanty clusters.

Deutzia X lemoinei: Height to 2 m; white flowers in late spring and early summer. ‘Avalanche’ has small, dark-green leaves and arching branches bearing innumerable clusters of white flowers; ‘Boule de Neige’ has a compact habit and when in flower resembles a snowball. Deutzia X magnifica: Maximum height 2 m; white flowers in early to mid summer. The twigs are brown and peel off in strips. ‘Erecta’ has crenate leaves and erect-growing plumes of single white flowers; ‘Magnifica’, the original type, has large plumes of double white flowers. Deutzia X rosea: Height to 1 m, compact; bell-shaped flowers, purple outside, white inside, in early to mid summer. ‘Campanulata’, ‘Carminea’ and ‘Rosea’ are well known garden strains.

Deutzia scabra: Height to 3 m; white or slightly pink flowers in early to mid summer. ‘Candidissima’ has double flowers; ‘Pride of Rochester’ is also double-flowered, the flowers being tinged with pink on the outside. .

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