See CARNATION, PINK, SWEET WILLIAM and SWEET WIVELSFIELD, which all belong to the genus Dianthus. The various bedding dianthus such as Delight, Rainbow Loveliness and Pink Bedder, are described under SWEET WIVELSFIELD. The following dianthus species and hybrids are excellent for rockeries given a sunny position, good drainage and a soil not deficient in lime:

Dianthus Boydii: large, single lilac-pink flowers with a darker centre on a 4 in. plant in early summer.

Dianthus Ernest Ballard: richly scented, deep crimson flowers on a 8—9 in. plant, very freely produced from July onwards. Deserves to be grown more widely and is a good subject for window-boxes.

Dianthus Noeanus: pure white, richly scented flowers from July onwards on an 8 in. plant. Stiff, rather prickly leaves. Must have a very sunny position and is an excellent wall plant. Self-sown seedlings may occur. The above are all increased from non-flowering shoots in spring or by division after flowering.

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