Natives of Great Namaqua-land, these are stemless plants, with the leaves very short and thick, united at the base. The upper side of the leaves is flat, the lower side rounded: they are whitish, without dots, or witti numerous inconspicuous green dots. The flowers appear singly and are large and yellow in colour. The growing period is in summer, and they must be grown in a very light position. Even at this period water should be given very sparingly and in winter the plants should be kept quite dry.

Dinteranthus microspermus. Solitary, but branching when old. There are I to 2 pairs of leaves on a growth, and they are united for about half their length. Young plants are whitish to grey-green, with greenish dots. The flowers are yellow, with the petals tipped with red.

Dinteranthus Pole Evansii. The plants are solitary, with pairs of dove-grey leaves united half-way up; the flowers are glossy yellow. As with D. microspermus, water should always be given very sparingly.

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