Dipelta is indigenous in China and comprises four species which flower profusely for a long time. This is a semi-evergreen shrub, more or less winter-hardy, with whorls of short-stemmed, oval to lanceolate, toothed or serrated leaves, with single or groups of often fragrant, asymmetrical, tubular flowers, with five spreading petals; the bracts develop into wings of the fruit. D. floribunda is fairly winter-hardy, 3-5 m tall, with peeling bark, arching young stems, oval-lanceolate, pointed, slightly serrated leaves, 2-10 cm long, and fragrant, nodding, white flowers, marked yellow inside, 2.5-4 cm long.

D. ventricosa is fairly winter-hardy, up to 5 m tall, with downy, hairy stems, slightly hairy, serrated leaves, 5-15 cm long, thin-stemmed, deep pink flowers marked orange inside, with dish-shaped, spreading petals. They grow terminally in groups of three or singly in the leaf axilla. This shrub requires a warm, sheltered spot in the sun or semi-shade, and fertile soil. Feed every year and provide winter cover at the base. Do not prune in the first few years. Later prune back only the old wood, and remove branches affected by frost. Propagate from seed (spring) and summer/autumn cuttings in sandy soil with some peat.

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