Dipsacus – Teasel

Attractive biennial plant; at one time the flower-heads, after they had lost their petals, were used for carding wool.


A decorative plant, which will be at home anywhere in the garden. Particularly popular among dried-flower arrangers. Plant in full sun.


To prevent rotting in winter the soil must definitely be well-drained.


Sow in early summer in a shady spot, prick out once and transfer in early autumn to the situation where they are intended to flower in the following year.

Dipsacus sativus, common teasel: Height to 2 m, beautiful lilac-coloured flower-heads in mid summer. After the florets have dropped, fine greenish-brown teasels remain. Do not leave them too long if you want to dry them. The leaves are prickly and sheathe the stems, retaining a little water after rain.

Dipsacus sativus

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