Doronicum ‘Miss Mason’

In summer there are almost too many yellow daisy plants in the garden, but they are very welcome in spring, when they are scarce. One of the easiest to grow is Doronicum, an old herbaceous garden plant which forms a clump of heart-shaped leaves in early spring, with masses of cheerful bright yellow flowers on stems 18 inches (45 cm) tall; the leaves are shiny and have scalloped edges. ‘Miss Mason’ is one of the best of several good forms. The plant likes moisture, but not in great quantity, and a cool border with any good garden soil in sun or light shade is the ideal situation. The clumps grow slowly and should not need dividing for several years. The plants should be put in 12 inches (30 cm) apart, with some peat to preserve moisture.

Doromcum is hardy and reliable and always generous with flowers; plant groups interspersed with white tulips, with blue flowers also in the picture. The tiny forget-me-not blossoms of Brunnera macrophylla would overlap with the Doro-nicum, and the foliage of peonies behind would make a dark background, with their flowers to follow.

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