Drosera spathulata

This species is one of 85 in the genus Drosera. The sundew family has only four genera: Drosophyllum, Dionaea, Al drovanda and Drosera. The first three genera have only one species each. They are distributed mostly in the southern hemisphere; three are found in Europe. Droseras are small perennial herbs. They usually have a ground rosette of leaves thickly covered with glandular hairs (tentacles) secreting a sticky liquid that glitters in the sun. This is why they were given the genus name (the Greek drosero means covered with dew). The flowers are white. D. spathulata forms a rosette of spatulate leaves which grows tightly against the ground and is thickly covered with red tentacles. The upright inflorescences are composed of about 15 flowers.

Droseras require lots of sun, fresh air and very moist compost. They grdw well in fresh sphagnum moss or on peat. Propagate by means of seeds sown on peat in a flat dish (merely pressed in) and covered with glass.

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