Eccremocarpus – Chilean Glory Vine

The Chilean glory vine, E. scaber, is not hardy in this country, but plants put out when frosts are finished will quicldy grow to 2.4m (8 ft) or more, producing racemes of orange flowers from June to October. It climbs by tendrils, and does best on a trellis or plastic netting fixed to a wall. There are two cultivars with different coloured flowers: ‘Aurea’ (yellow) and ‘Carmineus’ (red). Given a sheltered site, or a mild winter, the glory vine will survive from year to year, but it is cut down by frost.

General care: Plant out as soon as all danger of frost has passed, in good soil. Provide support until the plant can climb by its own tendrils. It will grow vertically for awhile, and then spread. Encourage this by pinching out leading shoots. Water well in dry weather. If the seed pods are removed as soon as they are formed the glory vine will provide flowers continuously all summer. If it is grown as a perennial which has survived the winter, all its damaged growth should be cut out in April.

Eccremocarpus - Chilean Glory Vine

Propagation: Sow seeds in pots in January, germinating them at 21°C (70°F). Grow on in a frost-free greenhouse, or indoors, hardening off ready for planting out some time in May.

Pests and diseases: Greenfly may be troublesome. Spray with malathion or a systemic insecticide. Generally disease-free.

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