Echinops – Globe Thistle

Hardy perennial with beautifully coloured flower-heads.


Very suitable for borders, since the plants establish themselves firmly and harmonise well with other species. A sunny situation is desirable. The flowers lend themselves to drying.


Chalky, not too rich, soil; which must be well drained.


By division or from root cuttings.

Echinops hannaticus: Height over 1 m; blue flowers in late summer and early autumn. ‘Taplow Blue’ is one of the finest garden strains.

Echinops humilis: Height 100-120 cm; smaller, deep-blue flower-heads in late summer and early autumn. The foliage is covered with cobweb-like hairs.

Echinops ritro

Echinops ritro: Height 50-100 cm; bright steel-blue flower-heads from mid summer to early autumn. The pin- nately divided leaves are bare on the upper surface.

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