Elaeagnus – Oleaster

Evergreen and deciduous shrubs with handsome foliage;

the branches are usually thorny.


To provide colour accents in medium-sized gardens. They are very resistant to sea wind.


Any garden soil, even when it is quite poor.


From seed, from cuttings or by layering.

Elaeagnus angustifolia: Height to 7 m; narrow, spear-shaped leaves, grey green on the upper surface, silvery beneath. Yellow berries; evergreen.

Elaeagnus commutata: Height to 2.5 m; thornless, magni­ficent silvery foliage, deciduous.

Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus pungens: Height to 2 m; grey-green foliage, thorny branches covered in brown scales. The forms nearly always cultivated are the garden hybrids such as ‘Maculata’, with yellow-blotched leaves, which are lower growing than the above. Branches bearing plain green leaves should be removed immediately.

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