Enkianthus- Deciduous shrub

Not entirely winter-hardy, but quite suitable for sheltered spots.


Most at home in a heath garden or in a garden with a Japanese accent. The flowers are very unusual and in autumn the shrub is conspicuous because of its golden-yellow and reddish colouring.


Acid, humus-rich soil is desirable.


From ripe wood cuttings, from seed or by layering.

Enkianthus campanulatus: Height to 2 m; bunches of bell-shaped pendulous flowers, creamy in colour, in late spring. The petals are red tipped and red veined. The oval leaves are 6 cm long, dull green, slightly downy along the veins. The flowers will keep quite a long time in water. A little known cultivar is ‘Albiflorus’, with entirely white flowers.

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