Epimedium- Barrenwort, Bishop’s Hat

This perennial has very striking foliage and most unusual flowers, especially in spring.


Makes excellent ground-cover under trees, provided the spot is not too shady. Excellent in combination with ferns.


Grows best in humus-rich, fairly damp soil.


From seed , by division, or from root cuttings.

Epimedium grandiflorum: Height to 25 cm; flowers up to 3 cm across in mid to late spring. There are garden varieties in several colours.

Epimedium X rubrum: Height to 25 cm; flowering season mid to late spring; the flowers being purple red on the outside. When it first starts into growth the foliage has fine red marking.

Epimedium X warleyense: Height to 50 cm; copper-coloured flowers tinged with yellow in mid to late spring.

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