The Foxtail Lily rivals the Delphinium in stateliness – colourful and massive upright spikes rising well above head-height. Their appearance, however, is quite unlike the Delphinium – Eremurus spikes are made up of countless starry flowers in white, pink or yellow. It is not an adaptable plant and you will have to choose its site carefully. Both full sun and protection from cold winds are necessary, and copious watering is required during dry weather in spring. Prolonged hard frost in winter can be fatal – protect the crowns with bracken or peat in late autumn.

VARIETIES: A typical giant Eremurus is E. robustus, height 8-10 ft. Spacing 3 ft.

Flowering period: May-June, flower colour peach. E.elwesii (7-10 ft. fragrant pink flowers) is another stately species with a white variety Albus’. The favourite variety for the smaller garden is the yellow-flowered E. bungei (E. stenophyllus) which grows about 3 ft high.

SITE AND SOIL: Well-drained soil with full sun in the afternoon and evening are essential.

PROPAGATION: Divide clumps in autumn or spring.

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