Erica X Willmorei ERICA (Heather)

The winter flowering heathers are often sold as pot plants. The variety recommended is a large-flowered variety and if kept in a cool situation, it will remain in bloom over a long period. Dense spikes of clear pinks florets surmount erect stems and the plant has dark green feathery foliage typical of heather.

Erica X Willmorei ERICA (Heather)


  • Growing season 14-18 °C (57-64 °F)

Soil: A good open soil-less compost with a small amount of gravel mixed in.

Where to position: Out of doors until early November. Indoors, the cooler the situation, the longer it will remain in flower.

Watering requirements: They are lime-haters, so keep soil moist with soft water. Mist-spray once weekly and never allow soil to dry out.

General care: They are undemanding and need little feeding; once or twice a season with weak liquid fertilizer is enough.

Rest: Cut back after flowering and place in a cool area until spring. Reduce water in winter but retain moist soil.

When it looks sick:

Dull sickly looking plant : Ensure that only soft water is used. Move plant to a cool place.

Tall plants which tend to open out and become un- sightly : After flowering, clip back to a better height.

Where to position: In light shade in summer; in a bright spot in winter. Draughts or temperature changes cause leaf drop.

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