Erigeron- Fleabane

The flowers of this perennial resemble Michaelmas daisies, but they are smaller and the ray florets are more numerous.


The fine colouring and profuse flowering make this plant very suitable for the herbaceous border.


Any ordinary garden soil, provided it is not too dry.


Garden hybrids can only be propagated by division.

Erigeron hybrids: Height 50-80 cm; flowering in the summer months. The flower-heads consist of 100-160 ray florets, even more in double varieties; the centre disc is always yellow. The leaves are oval to spear-shaped. ‘Antwerpia Gigantea Alba’, white, single; ‘Dainty’, single, deep purple; ‘Darkest of All’, deep purple, single; ‘Mrs. E. H. Beale’, pale violet, single; ‘Rote Schonheit’, purple red, double; ‘Strahlenmeer’, purple, semi-double.

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