Eriophorum angustifolium – cotton grass

Height: 30-45cm

Water depth: up to 15cm (6in)

Features: flowers spring

Soil: acid, moist

Site: sun

Type: marginal

This attractive, low-growing perennial is ideal for moist soil at the pond’s edge, or in water up to a depth of 15cm (6in). It is very hardy and grows wild, often with heathers and mosses, in acid bogs. It can be invasive.

Eriophorum angustifoliutn has dense tufts of evergreen, rush-like foliage, but the main attraction is its silky, cotton-wool-like flowerheads (once used for stuffing cushions and pillows). These appear in mid to late spring, 30-45cm (1-1 /2ft) above the ground.


Plant cotton grass in moist, acid soil along the water’s edge in spring, in a sunny spot.

Propagation: Increase by lifting, dividing and replanting mature plants in spring or autumn.

Pests and diseases: Trouble free.

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