Eryngium- Sea Holly

Hardy perennial with magnificent steel-blue flower-heads.


Excellent for borders, the less tall species more suitable for rock gardens. Plant in full sun.


Fairly sandy, very well-drained, chalky soil.


Species from seed, hybrids by division.

Eryngium alpinum: Height 60-80 cm; beautiful steel-blue flower-heads in mid to late summer. Not very easy to cultivate.

Eryngium X oliveranum: Height 75-125 cm; steel-blue flowers from mid summer to early autumn. Eryngium planum: Height 80-120 cm; smaller, amethyst-blue flowers in early to mid summer. ‘Blauer Zwerg’, deep blue, is only 80 cm in height. This is the strongest species; including the dwarf form it is the one most frequently used in borders.

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