Too seldom seen in gardens, these are beautiful bulbous plants which are not difficult to grow, given a cool, moist soil and some shade. They bear no resemblance whatever to violets! The nodding, and very graceful, cyclamen-like flowers appear in early spring. They are borne singly and sometimes in twos and threes on slender stems, admirably balanced by the variegated foliage. Plant 3 in. deep (an inch deeper on light soils), incorporating leaf mould and peat. The bulbs should go about 8 in. apart. They dislike being kept out of the ground and should be planted in September. There are white, lemon, pink and reddish-violet forms. Erythronium revolutum White Beauty is delightful for cutting if arranged in small vases or other containers. E. tuolemnense has smooth, bright yellowish-green foliage and buttercup-yellow flowers on long stems. It increases more rapidly than most forms of this plant. Self-sown seedlings may occur where conditions are ideal, otherwise propagation may be effected by dividing established clumps in September and replanting immediately. Erythroniums are, however, best left undisturbed for as long as possible.

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