Escallonia- Chilian Gum Box

A deciduous shrub, fairly resistant to sea-winds but not very hardy.


Especially in the south or near the sea; an unusual flowering shrub.


Fertile, humus-rich soil is desirable.


From cuttings taken in winter.

Escallonia hybrids: These are the results of crossing the less beautiful but hardy, white-flowered Escallonia virga-ta and the non-hardy, but beautifully flowering Escallonia rubra. Some are more hardy than others. One of the best is ‘Donard Seedling’, a vigorous grower with flowers the colour of apple blossom in mid to late summer. Height to 2 m; it may even be pruned to form a hedge. ‘Edinburgh’, with pink flowers, is very suitable for training against a sunny, south-facing wall. ‘Victory’, with gracefully arching branches, develops crimson flowers.

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