Eschscholzia- Californian Poppy

Annual plants with attractive flowers; when in bud they look like nightcaps.


In the annual border or in beds.


The Californian poppy will not flower in rich soil.


Sow in situ from the first weeks of spring until early summer, preferably in rows; thin out the seedlings to 30 cm. They do not like being transplanted.

Eschscholzia californica: Height 30-60 cm; long-stalked flowers from mid summer to mid autumn; in the species they are yellow with an orange base. There are numerous hybrids in a variety of colours. ‘Ramona’ is a well known single selection; the double-flowered group includes ‘Robert Gardner’ and ‘Toreador’. The more spreading ‘Erecta Compacta’ strains, in all sorts of colours, except blue, grow to only 30 cm.

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