Eucharis grandiflora

Amazon Lily is native to Colombia. Two to four bright green, parallel-veined leaves grow from the globose bulb, about 5 cm (2 inch) across. They are more than 30 cm (12 inch) long and about 15 cm (6 in) wide. The lovely inflorescence is usually composed of three to six white blooms, 6-8 cm in diameter. The long, narrow tube, which may be straight or faintly curved, opens into six spreading lobes surrounding a white corona resembling a collar to which the stamens are attached.

A suitable growing medium is a mixture of leaf mould, rotted turves and sand. In summer it thrives at a temperature of 20° C (68° F). During the growing and flowering period it should be watered and misted liberally. Feed alternately with organic and compound fertilizers once a week. After the plant has finished flowering, limit watering for about a month. It may flower two to three times a year. Propagate by bulb offsets.

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