Euonymus japonicus

This evergreen shrub is the only species of Euonymus, comprising nearly 170 species, that is cultivated as a house plant. Most popular are the small-leaved cultivars. Some, like ‘Microphallus’ and ‘Microphallus Aureo-Variegatus’ have yellow markings. In its native habitat in Japan and Korea, it reaches a height of 5-8 m (16-26 ft). The glossy, dark green leaves are obovate to elongate, crenate, and 3-7 cm (1-2 ¾ in) long. It bears flowers only relatively rarely indoors. The flowers are small and white; the fruits are light red. It is often used for decoration in entrance halls, corridors, exhibition rooms and concert halls. In warmer regions, it may be grown outdoors in a sheltered position.

It requires light, but not direct sunlight, and good ventilation. In summer it is best to transfer it outdoors to a partially shaded position. Water frequently so that it does not dry out. In winter the plant should be kept in a cool room at a temperature of 5°-10°C (41o-50oF). Propagate by tip cuttings. Insert them in a mixture of peat and sand at a temperature of about 18°C (64° F). As soon as the plants are well rooted, they must be pruned to promote bushy growth.

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