Euphorbia- Spurge

We shall confine ourselves to a number of perennial species.


Border and rock plants, the species described are hardy; this is not always the case with others.


Standard garden soil, which must be well drained.


By division and from seed.

Euphorbia cyparissias: Height 15-30 cm; flowering season late spring to mid summer. Yellow-green bracts, pale-green narrow linear leaves, thin and limp. Euphorbia myrsinites: Height 10-20 cm; recumbent stems; very regular foliage, pale-green bracts in late spring to mid summer.

Euphorbia palustris, marsh plant: Height 40 cm and requires a 20 cm depth of water; hollow stems covered in blue bloom; yellow-green bracts in late spring and early summer.

Euphorbia polychroma syn Euphorbia epithymoides: Height 30-40 cm; flowers in late spring to mid summer; bright-yellow bracts.

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