Exochorda- Pearl Bush

Deciduous shrubs, not 100 per cent hardy, but very beautiful.


Particularly attractive when grown singly, especially in gardens in coastal regions. Plant in full sun and if possible give some protection during the first few winters.


Rich, porous soil, preferably a little chalky.


From seed or by grafting on rootstock.

Also from cuttings taken in summer.

Exochorda X macrantha: Height 2 m; clusters of very fine, snow-white flowers in mid to late spring. ‘The Bride’ is a lower-growing form, approximately 1 m; it flowers a little later.

Exochorda racemosa: Height 3-4 m; a profusion of white flowers in late spring and early summer. The leaves are narrow-oval, greyish underneath; the branches arch gracefully. After flowering the shrub must be thinned out drastically.

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