Feeding flowers

Most growing plants will need feeding – with border perennials sprinkle Growmore around the stems in spring and feed large and leafy plants regularly with a liquid fertilizer. Most bulbs also benefit from regular feeding. Annuals require much less feeding as they do not have to build up a storage root system to tide them over the winter. Use a liquid feed such as Instant Bio when the plants are coming into flower – never over-feed or you will get an abundance of leaves and few flowers. Rockery perennials need littleor no feeding as a rule-onceayearisample with a potash-rich feed.

A few rules. Work granular or powder fertilizers into the top few inches of soil and never apply when the surface is dry. Keep powders away from stems and leaves.

Foliar feeding is an interesting technique which can be used when root feeding is ineffective. It is useful for all plants when the soil is shallow and where a pest or disease attack has taken place. The response is rapid and root activity is restored – use a watering can or a Bio Hoser and apply Instant Bio as directed.

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