Festuca- Fescue Grass

Clump-forming perennials, sometimes used for lawns.


We shall only discuss the ornamental grasses, which, because of their fine colouring, may be used as ground cover and among other plants, eg roses.


Not fussy; poor soil produces the finest colouring.


Species from seed; garden forms by division.

Festuca amethystina: Height 30-50 cm; very narrow leaves with magnificent amethyst colouring. One of the most beautiful.

Festuca cinerea syn Festuca glauca, blue fescue: Height 10- 15 cm; very thin, bluish foliage. There are a number of garden hybrids in cultivation.

Festuca scoparia: Height 15 cm; in this species the leaves are pure green. It is strongly clump-forming in habit, making it ideal ground-cover; in addition it produces attractive flowers.

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