Fittonia – Lace Leaf Plant

Fittonia – the Lace Leaf Plant, is an attractive little foliage plant. It has bright green leaves with striking white veins. Variety F. argyroneura has deep green leaves with intricate and contrasting silvery white veins which create a lace-like effect.

The variety F. Verschaffeltii has red tinted veins and is easier to grow. All varieties produce insignificant flowers.

Fittonia - Lace Leaf Plant

Where to position: A good light position and allow it sunshine only in winter. It will stand a degree of draught, but likes warmth and dislikes temperature changes.

Watering requirements: Keep the soil moist and springy with tepid water. Spray daily in warm weather. Provide humidity.

General care: Feed weak liquid fertilizer every three weeks. Pinch out flowers to avoid sapping the plant’s strength.

Rest: It rests after flowering. There is no special routine, but it needs less water to maintain the soil condition. A few leaves may drop. Re-growth begins in spring after re-potting.

When it looks sick:

  • Spotted unsightly leaves : Do not allow water droplets to remain on the leaves.
  • Leaves look dusty and dry : Spray regularly with a tepid mist spray and ensure that the plant is in humid conditions.
  • The plant looks well but is not very impressive or is badly shaped : Plant in a larger pot with another contrasting plant. It will enjoy company and both will benefit.


Growing season 15-22 deg C (60-72 °F)

Minimum winter 15°C (60 °F)

Soil: A soil-less compost.

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