Fittonia verschaffeltii

Mosaic Plant . The genus Fittonia has only two species. Their natural range extends from Colombia to Peru. The leaves of Fittonias are opposite and ovate with blunt tips. They are coloured dark green with a network of crimson veins. The cultivar ‘Argyroneura’ has white veins. The cultivar ‘Nana’ is a very low-growing form. The decorative, sulphur yellow flowers, with a narrow tube opening out into two lips, are arranged in terminal spikes.

They require a warm environment and very humid atmosphere. They do not tolerate draught. They are, therefore, ideal plants for growing in a glassed enclosure. They are often grown in heated greenhouses, where they are used to form a lovely, thick, colourful underplanting. They do best in bottle gardens and fishbowls, but can also be grown in a shallow dish, where their prostrate, richly branching stems are displayed to good advantage. Fittonias are not in the least demanding in terms of light, and the leaves retain their lovely coloration even in shade. Propagate by tip cuttings and by sideshoots.

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