Flower Arranging in Metal Containers

Flowers really do live longer in vessels made of metal. Bacterial activity in the water inside metal containers is much less than in water held in other materials; it is highest in clear glass. This means that the water in metal keeps sweet longer.

However, this depends upon the cleanliness of the container. If a glass container is dirty on the inside then it is clearly visible, so glass containers tend to be kept clean. But a metal, pottery or china container can sometimes be put away after use without being properly cleaned and this fact can easily be overlooked when next the container is used. This can make a considerable difference to the life of your flowers, so it is worthwhile to spend just a few minutes cleaning containers meticulously after use.

Usually the shapes of metal containers tend to vary considerably from those of ceramics or glass. Metal tankards, pitchers, fruit bowls, kitchen moulds and measures can all be used for flower arrangements, although some are a little difficult to use until you learn one or two tricks of the trade. Silver, pewter, copper and brass suit flowers admirably and it is always possible to find those which match the colours of the metals. There are other metals of course and all seems grist to the flower arranger’s mill. Among these others, figures in Britannia metal, and others which are often converted into containers merely by giving the figure a small vessel to hold, are also used. These tall containers give height and style to small and inexpensive flowers.metal-vases-for-flower-arranging

Candlestick Flower arrangements

Another means of adding height and grace to flowers is to use candlesticks. These can be fitted with candle cups, little footed bowls which fit into the top of the candlestick in the same way as a candle. These are on sale in florist’s shops and in many garden centres and department stores. The bowl is quite large enough to take plenty of flowers. It is even more accommodating if instead of wire netting or a pin-holder it holds a cylinder of OASIS which protrudes for an inch or two above the rim of the cup.

A pair of candlesticks fitted this way make delightful buffet decorations. They are attractive on a long dining table so long as they can be placed in a convenient position where they will not be in the way. One alone makes a good centre for a small table. At Christmas these candlestick arrangements look effective on a mantelshelf or sideboard, when evergreens are grouped around tall candles, their colours matching the tree baubles, berries and other ornaments arranged among the foliage to give a seasonal touch.

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