There are specific rules for various plants, detailed in regulations for the various shows, but in general it will be useful to note that quality and perfection of type are more important than size, though this, of course, counts.

Exhibition terms: kinds, distinct types, or genera. Thus pinks and roses are ‘kinds’ of flowers, apples and figs are ‘kinds’ of fruit; varieties, distinct varieties within a kind e.g. Perfecta, Salute, Shepherd’s Delight and Yellowhammer are varieties of rose, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Winston are varieties of apple and Early Onward a variety of pea; amateur status, gardening for pleasure and not for one’s living.

Packing etc:

Put flowers in water as soon as cut and then as soon as they reach the show. If using maidenhair fern, it is best to pass the stalk ends through a flame to seal and then to immerse the whole fernery in water till needed. Flowers must not be packed wet; use tissue paper crumpled, not cotton wool, as transit packing.


Send exhibits in wooden boxes with air holes; label clearly, giving full address, and put your own full adress inside. Most Show Schedules are based on the rules of the Royal Horticultural Society, though with local adaptations. The National Rose Society, the Delphinium Society and other specialist societies, also have their own rules which are followed by local show organisers.

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