Forsythia- Golden Bells

Very well known, deciduous shrub; it flowers in spring.

Situation As the flowers are so striking, the shrub may be placed well in the background. Once it has ceased to flower it is in any case not very interesting. Provide full sun or partial shade.

Soil Any reasonable garden soil.

Propagation From basal shoots, by layering, or from cuttings taken in winter.

Forsythia X intermedia: This is the very well known species. Height about 2 m, yellow flowers in mid spring. The form generally marketed is ‘Spectabilis’, which is the most profusely flowering cultivar.

Forsythia suspensa: Height to 3 m; yellow flowers in mid spring. The branches are soft enough to be trained against a wall, its habit being less stiff than that of the previous one. ‘Nymans’ is a particularly fine strain.

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