Fothergilla: Growing Guide

Little known deciduous shrubs with very striking autumn colouring.

Situation The shrubs do not grow very large and can therefore be used in quite small gardens. Plant them in a sheltered spot where their spring flowers and autumn colours will show to good advantage. The flowers consist solely of stamens; there are no petals.

Soil Rich, sandy soil is preferred.

Propagation Layering is the easiest method.

Fothergilla gardenii: Height to 1 m; creamy-white flowers in mid to late spring. Not very hardy.

Fothergilla major: Height to 2 m; creamy-white flowers in 2-5 cm spikes in mid to late spring. The autumn colouring is a magnificent orange yellow.

Fothergilla monticola: Height to 1 m; spreading habit.

White flowers in late spring; in the autumn the foliage turns orange red.

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