Gaillardia- Blanket Flower

Annual and perennial plants with a prolonged flowering season.


Annuals are grown in annual borders or in beds, the perennials unfortunately do not last very long and are therefore better grown as biennials.


Sandy soil, reasonably rich; not too damp in winter.


Both the annual and the perennial species are sown from mid spring onwards. The latter can also be propagated by division.

Gaillardia hybrids: Perennial plants, height 30-70 cm; flowering season early summer to early autumn. The flowers are yellow with red or brown, the centre is darker. Cover in severe frost.

Gaillardia pulchella: Annuals, height 30-50 cm; flowering season mid summer to early autumn. The flower-heads are reddish purple with a yellow margin. Hybrids are frequently referred to as Gaillardia picta. ‘Lorentziana’ is a double form.

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