GALTONIA Summer Hyacinth

The Summer Hyacinth is a splendid plant for the middle or back of the herbaceous border, or it can be grown between shrubs. In summer the tall flower stalk is clothed with 20 or more pendulous white bells, each about 1.5 in. long. The leaves are long and strap-like – the effect is that of a giant and elongated Hyacinth.

VARIETIES: The only species you are likely to find is G. candicans (Hyacinthus candicans). The leaves are about 2 ft long and the flowers are white with green markings. Much more imposing than an ordinary Hyacinth, of course, but it is also less fragrant. Despite its size it is an easy plant to grow, provided you remember to plant the bulbs deeply enough (6-8 in.) and leave the clumps to grow undisturbed.

SITE AND SOIL: Any reasonable soil – thrives best in full sun.

PLANT DETAILS: Planting time March-April. Planting depth 6-8in.

Spacing: 1 ft. Height 3-4 ft.

Flowering period: August-September.

PROPAGATION: Dislikes disturbance – buy new bulbs.

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