The ordinary tools used in gardening need no description — the spade, the fork, the rake, the trowel and so on. The use of the dibber is explained where, as for parsnips, it is best used; the flat-pronged fork is used for potato lifting, and there illustrated; the bulb planter is shown under BULBS; the various hoes and their special uses under HOEING. There are, however, several other tools or implements which may be described and which are here illustrated.

No. 1 is a flexible rake, the prongs of which are of rustless steel. It has a transverse bar which can be moved backwards and forwards and screwed into position to bring the prongs closer together or farther apart to adjust for use in gathering leaves and mowings or in scarifying moss on the lawn, as also to break up tilth in varying grades. The flexible prongs do not bring out roots or injure grass and permit effective use on uneven ground without clogging.

No. 2 is the cultivator. The shaped teeth and the special curve enable the dug ground to be fined more rapidly and effectually to a useful depth as well as quickly removing weeds and harrowing between rows. No. 3 is a cultivator which goes deeper into the soil, a miniature plough in fact, by which clods are cut and broken and the plot prepared with greater speed than in the old way.

No. 4 is an effective cultivator to which a hoe is attached so that by merely reversing it weeds can be removed without a change of tool as preparation of the soil proceeds. There are numerous other gardening aids which will save the amateur time and money in the long run, some tools, others power-driven machines which are specially helpful to the owner of a relatively large area. Hedges can be cut by means of an electric hedge-trimmer. This is simply plugged into the house electricity supply and guided along. The latest type of hand shear for this purpose is made of rust-resisting, hollow-forged, light-weight steel and will be found far less tiring to use than the older, heavier shears. Multiple hand shears with 8 cutting edges are also available.

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