Genista- Broom

Deciduous shrubs which resemble Cytisus; they are reasonably hardy, although they occasionally suffer some frost damage.


Very beautiful when grown over low walls or over the edge of a sunken seating area, they look well in combination with other plants, eg irises.


Lime-free, humus-rich, but porous soil. They are very difficult to transplant.


Sow in spring; garden forms are grafted on stock.

Genista hispanica, Spanish gorse: Height 30 cm; yellow flowers in early to mid summer.

Genista lydia: Height to 60 cm, spreading habit; golden-yellow flowers in early summer. This is the finest species. Genista sagittalis: Height 20-30 cm; yellow flowers in sparse clusters in late spring and early summer. This is a semi-herbaceous plant; the green stalks are winged and downy. Useful as ground-cover.

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