Geranium- Crane s bill

Perennial plants, not to be confused with indoor or window-box geraniums whose botanical name is Pelargo-nium.


Excellent border plants; they tolerate a fair amount of shade and have a prolonged flowering season.


Any reasonable humus-retaining soil.


By division; species from seed.

Geranium endressii: Height 25-30 cm; pale-pink flowers in early to late summer.

Geranium meeboldii syn Geranium grandiflorum: Height 30-40 cm; pale-lilac flowers in early to mid summer. ‘Johnson Blue’, 50 cm, bright blue, is very beautiful.

Geranium platypetalum: Height 40-70 cm; purple-blue flowers in summer months. A fine border plant.

Geranium sanguineum: Height 15-25 cm; blood-red flowers late spring to late summer.

Geranium subcaulescens: Height 10-20 cm; pink-violet flowers in early to mid summer.

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