Geranium endressii

The hardy geranaiums are the best family of garden plants for providing ground-cover, and next to my beloved G. macrorrhizum I would place G. endressii. It has a gentle beauty, flowers for many months from early summer, and is easy to control, for it does not try to throttle your star plants, but keeps to its allotted quarters.

Geranium endressii is a hardy her-baceous perennial with small pink flowers carried well above the massed light green, deeply lobed leaves. The best variety is ‘AT, Johnson’, with pink flowers with a curious metallic sheen. It will grow in any garden soil in sun or shade, but lasts longer in cool conditions.

Being soft in colour, it looks well against a strong, dark background, especially purple. I have seen it in a shady place with Campanula glomerata. Which has dense clusters of bell flowers round the stalks, and in sun with purple irises and the wine-dark rugosa rose, ‘Roseraie de I’Hay.

Plant the geraniums 18 inches (45 cm) apart, and they will soon join to make a weed-suppressing colony.

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