Geum- Averts

A perennial with beautiful flowers, also suitable for cutting.


Chiefly in borders; a certain amount of shade is acceptable.


Any reasonably fertilised garden soil, not too dry. The plants like a fair amount of moisture.


The garden forms only by division.

Geum chiloense: Height 40-60 cm; scarlet flowers in summer months. ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ is semi-double. Geum coccineum: Height 30-50 cm; orange-red flowers in loose plumes in summer months.

Geum hybrids: The results of crossing the two species mentioned above. Height 30-50 cm; flowers from early summer onwards. ‘Bulgaricum’ is bright orange-yellow; ‘Dolly North’, semi-double, orange; ‘Fire Opal’, orange tinged with a little yellow; ‘Lady Stratheden’, yellow, double; ‘Princess Juliana’, bright orange-yellow, single; ‘Red wings’, scarlet.

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