Gladiolus- Sword Lily

Corm-plant with enormous flowers, not winter-hardy.


Gladioli are grown chiefly for cutting, sometimes in the border. The corms are started into growth in warm conditions in spring; they are planted outside in late spring. Towards the end of the first weeks of autumn they are lifted; all foliage is removed and the corms are kept frost free, preferably in dry peat.


Rich, chalky soil. Propagation From offsets.

Gladiolus hybrids: Large-flowered gladioli, height 100-150 cm; flowering season mid to late summer; planting depth 6-8 cm. Numerous colours, but no blue forms. ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Mignon’ gladioli are less tall. Early-flowering forms are ‘Nanus’ and ‘Heraut’ gladioli.

Gladiolus primulinus: Height 50-70 cm; flowers mid summer to early September; smaller but more graceful flowers in many colours.

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