P. These are hothouse, climbing plants with tuberous roots. The refiexed orange and yellow flowers are curious as well as attractive, and a good soil mixture of loam, peat and sand is best, taking note only rarely to disturb plants and then in February. Water well in hot weather. Increased by offsets.

GLOXINIA These lovely plants, though chiefly for the greenhouse, may occasionally be used in bedding for summer and autumn flowering, but only in a warm situation. They can be brought into bloom at practically any season in heat. Give a rich fibrous loam, peat and silver sand compost, and be most careful to leave the root ball undisturbed. Once the plants are in flower do not give liquid manure, but in the early budding state it is helpful. Gloxinias are of compact growth, the handsome, funnel-shaped large flowers, of many brilliant colours, growing singly on thin stems. Increase by division, or more certainly, from seed sown in pans in sand, in heat, at any time. Gloxinias can also be propagated by leaf cuttings taken in summer.

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