Godetias are one of the best loved of all hardy annuals; their gay colours and free-flowering habit have kept them favourites for many years. The funnel-shaped flowers crown the upright leafy spikes which are plentiful enough for both cutting and garden display. The tall varieties require staking and all Godetias need watering when the weather is dry.

VARIETIES: The garden varieties are hybrids of G. grandiflora, a native of California. For the middle of the border choose a mixture of tall doubles which grow about 2 ft high. Shorter and bushier are the popular ‘Sybil Sherwood’ (pink, edged white) and ‘Kelvedon Glory’ (salmon-orange). The Azalea-flowered varieties have wavy-edged double flowers and for the front of the border you can buy seeds of dwarf varieties.

SITE AND SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil, but light or medium land is preferred. Choose a sunny spot.

PLANT DETAILS: Height 9 in.-2 ft.

Spacing: 9 in.-1 ft.

Flowering period: June-September.

PROPAGATION: Sow seeds in September or April where they are to flower. Thin to required spacing.

G. grandiflora Sybil Sherwood’


Flowering period: for nearly all annuals and biennials lies somewhere between the beginning of June and the end of October. However, by careful selection you can have flowers in the annual bed or border almost all year round. For each month there is a list of annuals and biennials which can be expected to be in full bloom – remember that some of these plants may come into flower earlier and can continue to bloom for many weeks afterwards.

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