H. A. There are two distinctive types, the bushy and the tall, both of which flower freely throughout the summer. Sown mid-March. The bushy types are about 1 ft. high, the tall from 18 in. to more than 2 ft. The latter should be staked. May be sown in pans or where they are to bloom; transplant 6 to 8 in. each way. The cone-shaped flowers generally have dark blotches of colour at the hearts, and are shades of pink, red, mauve or lavender, either single or double. They do not thrive in the shade, but otherwise have no preferences of position or soil. A September sowing in frame will give flowers in May. Good varieties include: Celestial (soft lavender with prominent black anthers — 1 ft.); Firelight (crimson— 18 in,); Kelvedon Glory (salmon-orange — 15 in.); Purity (snow-white — 15 in.); Sybil Sherwood (salmon-pink, edged white, effective as a cut flower — 18 in.); Vivid (warm cherry-red with white centre — 18 in.). The shorter varieties like Celestial make pleasing edgings to rose beds. Godetias are favourite bee plants.

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