GREVILLEA ROBUSTA (Australian silky oak)

This beautiful foliage plant is very easy to grow from seed sown in spring and reaches a useful size during the first year. It is generally sold when about 45cm (Hit) high, and is then in the form of a single stem bearing large, finely-divided fern-like leaves. However, after a ’cw years it may become too large to keep in the average home. If cut back, it will send out new shoots from the base and then acquire a more branching habit, it is a great favourite for conservatory decoration.

The plant should be given an acid potting compost – as used for ericaceous plants – and preferably watered with clean rainwater in hard-water areas. Otherwise, the foliage may tend to become yellow and there will be less vigorous growth. If allowed to become too cold in winter, the foliage may be shed. Recovery takes place with the warmer conditions of spring. During summer water well and stand the plants outdoors occasionally in a sheltered place, especially when there is line rain. In winter, give only sufficient water to prevent the compost drying out. The plant likes a position in good light. but not the warm, dry atmosphere of a Stuffy room. Red spider mite is a possible pest to watch out for.

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