Growing Alchemilla Lady’s Mantle

A modest, simple plant in the wild, but the cultivated form is a beautiful addition to any garden.

Situation: The prolonged flowering season, the delicate greenish-yellow colour easy to combine with other shades, and simplicity of cultivation are this plant’s strong points. Light shade is best, but the plants tolerate a good deal of sun. They are at their best planted in front of the perennial border.

Soil: Thrives in any reasonably well fertilised garden soil, provided it is not too dry. Alchemilla is definitely not a rock plant!

Propagation: Easily divided in spring; may also be grown from seed in the same season.

Alchemilla mollis: Height to 50 cm; leaves bluish or yellowish-green. Flowers throughout summer as green- ish-yellow flowers in panicles. No varieties are known.

Alchemilla mollis

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