Growing Allium – Flowering Onion

A large genus of 300 species, the possibilities of these plants are not widely known and they are therefore too little used in gardens.


The main attraction of these ornamental onions is their late flowering season, chiefly late spring to mid summer, a time when few bulbous plants are at their best. Combine them with perennials or with shrubs; in general they like full sun.


With the exception of Allium moly and Allium ursinum all species require a dry, sunny situation. The species named above must be grown in half shade in damp soil. Propagation From seed or offsets.

Among the many species are Allium caeruleum, 60 cm, flowering late spring and early summer, blue; Allium giganteum, to 175 cm, early to mid summer, violet; Allium karataviensey 20-30 cm, mid to fate spring, rose pink; Allium moly, 25cm, late spring to early summer, yellow; Allium roseum, 60 cm, early to mid summer, rose pink.

Allium giganteum

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